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We give each invitee, 7-10-days to allow time to get your questions answered and understand our amazing program. During this time, you are protected as far as industry specific category. In fact, we will not accept another Client in your industry until you decline our offer, or, we finalize the package. If this is not a good match for you at this time, only then do we reach out to find another client to aggressively promote in your franchise specific category.

Is it time for you to stop working so hard and explode your franchise sales program?

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What is involved in franchising my business?

This section is specifically designed to give you some insight on how you can structure and position your franchise for simple and streamlined rapid growth without disrupting your existing business.

We are not like all the others when it comes to lead generation. Once you are all set, we do not ask you for more money every month for expensive franchise portal advertising that lumps your great franchise in with thousands of others that cheapen the entire image of franchising.  Nor do we ask you to give us thousands of dollars each month for portal ads, Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing or ANY kind of paid advertising, or out of pocket expenses just to get hundreds of calls from competitor, or unqualified leads.

To start a franchise, you will be investing a considerable amount of capital to develop the franchise legal documents, prepare state and federal filings, and a myriad of other important steps required or needed to create the tools you need to become a highly successful franchisor.

Here are the most important steps involved in franchising your business...

  • You’ll need to first form a new corporation just for the franchise business…This is typically YourCurrentBusinessNameFRANCHISING, Inc.
  • Next, you will need all of the required legal documents, that include an independently audited financial statement, and operational documents for every aspect required to operate the business.
    • You will need the detailed franchise training program manual,
    • a full Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) as well as independent disclosure documents that are required under state laws in several U.S. states before you can even talk to anyone about franchising.
    • a full operations and procedures manual, a training program and manual,
    • a policies and procedures manual,
    • a marketing and public relations plan on how you will secure franchise buyers,
    • a buyer profile,
    • virtual video tours,
    • a legally compliant Franchise link on your business website, (or a totally separate website),
    • There are also many Federal and State filings and registrations required under separate laws that require approval from each state before you can even legally speak to ANYONE about buying a franchise.

We have the skills, talent, expertise, and connections to help you through this exciting process and offer advice and input on virtually everything regarding your business to ensure everything from the menu, the store design, ensuring you are perceived as the best of the best franchise for your business type. There are many other critically important tools and insider tips and guidance provided that are essential in operating your franchise efficiently and profitability.

When you make the decision to franchise, you are investing a considerable amount of money as a franchisor so you will need to make sure to have a sound business plan to make certain you are on a solid path to financial success and also if you need to secure an outside investor(s).

Which is the smartest choice for you?

Open 1 New Location  Franchise My Business

Cost to open: +
S-Up/Operating Capital

Higher failure rate
More Risk/Work/Time/$

$100,000 - $200,000
Using your own money

Hopefully same as 1st location.

You did all the work – Took all the risk and are on the Line for the lease + all expenses even if it fails. Now almost double risk, your workload and hours

Cost to franchise:
Total (all-Inclusive Pkg)

Very Low Failure Rate
Francorp Does all The Work

$79,000 - $150,000
Use Other People’s

Minimal Time Risk, Profit Could equal $1 Million to $ Billions with far less risk, not your name on all those  leases, ea.-Location run by Ops Mgr. Ea. Location owner operated, a handful of employees and most of all is you could be a millionaire or even Billionaire with a life!

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Communication Policy:

NOTE: The Francorp corporate office handles all the Internal workings and franchise development requirements working directly with clients exclusively. They are skilled experts that take care of the difficult and complex part of franchising for our referrals that become Clients.   Francorp has franchised companies throughout the world for over 40 years and handles the full franchise development and legal requirements to franchise. This all-inclusive package includes all start up legal, financial, documentation, operations, marketing, training, policy and procedures manuals, State and Federal filings, etc. Virtually all requirements to legally and operationally bring a business to franchise. …These critical functions are all handled by the various experts at Francorp that provide their respective franchise development services to clients only.

Your role is to serve as an external client acquisition specialist only. Because of this, Francorp executive staff and management are so business with the above function so that FC policy is that you do NOT call the executive offices, or, fill out any forms or request information from the Francorp website as it could disqualify you from this position. All Regional Directors and Screening Agents in this division are accountable for Franchise Client referrals ONLY everything goes through the Corporate VP.  As solution-focused business consultants and client screening agents, you are not involved in any of those boring and complex legal, financial, operational, training or federal and state filing issues listed above…we do only the fun part…talking and consulting with business owners that may want to grow through franchising their business!  Please use caution and respect this policy as it could terminate your Contract.

If, at any time, you have a very qualified and solid contact or client that may be needing a call from Francorp before doing more than the first interview, please contact Carol Myers immediately. She is here to assist you in these matters. It is likely she will ask the founder of Francorp to give your client a call…so be sure to fill out the online client referral form as you are speaking with them to link that client (and6. your commissions) permanently to you.